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Flights to Bangkok from Europe vary between 600 and 1000 euros depending on the season. From Spain the only company that offers direct flights to Bangkok is Thai Airways. If we travel from Spain and we can’t find cheap flights, we can try out from London, Paris or Frankfurt and reach them with one of the many low cost airlines operating in Spain. If we bother to really look for cheap flights we can save up to 300 euros.

Some tips for finding cheap flights would be:

Book in advance

The best way to find a cheap flight is to look for it well in advance. If possible, it is good to book the flights with up to 10 weeks in advance.


The best time to travel is during the week. Meaning, from Monday until Thursday. The weekends are considered peak times, because everyone is travelling.

Book indirect flights

Direct flights are more expensive for the convenience of flying direct. Try to find indirect flights and compare the prices.

Travel in winter time

Winter prices are cheaper than those of summer, because it is considered off peak.

Travel by night

Night flights are often cheaper than flights during the day also for convenience.

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